Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Mountain Panorama

1. Trek; 7.16.11; 9:08 AM; Utah; f/14; 1/320; Canon Rebel XSi

Heading down the mountain we were able to see everything. This is a composite of about 5-8 images edited together to build a panorama of the scene. The horizon line looks a little tilted, but that was because of the incline of the mountains as you went left.

Canyon Beauty

1. Blossoming Cacti; 7.16.11; 9:17 AM; Utah; f/5.6; 1/640; Canon Rebel XSi
2. Poison; 7.16.11; 9:42 AM; Utah; f/5.6; 1/500; Canon Rebel XSi
3. Waiting for the Light; 7.16.11; 8:22 AM; Utah; f/5.6; 1/125; Canon Rebel XSi
4. I think I can; 7.16.11; 8:21 AM; Utah; f/5.6; 1/250; Canon Rebel XSi
5. Holding On; 7.16.11; 8:01 AM; Utah; f/5.6; 1/200; Canon Rebel XSi
6. Overtaking; 7.16.11; 8:01 AM; Utah; f/5.6; 1/125; Canon Rebel XSi
7. Bloom; 7.16.11; 7:59 AM; Utah; f/5.6; 1/200; Canon Rebel XSi

I went on a hike with my father and younger sister early one morning. We woke at 4:30 and left the house around 5:10. We began hiking about an hour later. We went to a location where dad hunts, so we were on the look out for deer.
Our destination was a water hole. On our way up we saw three bucks, and a moose. Once we got to the water hole we sat down to wait for wildlife to come get a drink. As we were waiting, I noticed a lot of beautiful elements of nature and decided to take photos of them. I heard something in the bush and told my dad something was coming. A couple minutes later he said he could hear it. We waited in suspense to see what it would be. Christine had the first view and informed us it was a herd of 8 cows. They stared her down as they got their drink, and then stamped off. Shortly after that, we decided to go. The first two images were taken after we left the water hole on our way back to the car. We didn't go down the same path we came up, instead, we hiked to the top of the mountain and stayed near the top heading in the direction of the car. Along our way, we saw the cacti, the butterfly, the moose and her kid go to the water hole and up a path we had recently been on, and a beautiful view of the mountains. (Panoramic photo of that view is to come.) We made it out with minor scrapes and cuts, but all in all we had a good time. Minus the allergies.

Thursday, November 11, 2010


1. Compete; 10.16.10; 12:08 PM; Rexburg, Idaho; f 8.0; 1/320; Canon Rebel XSi
2. Compete Cutout; 10.16.10; 12:08 PM; Rexburg, Idaho; f 8.0; 1/320; Canon Rebel XSi
3. Caroline; 10.17.10; 5:35 PM; Rexburg, Idaho; f 5.0; 1/60; Canon Rebel XSi
4. Caroline Cutout; 10.17.10; 5:35 PM; Rexburg, Idaho; f 5.0; 1/60; Canon Rebel XSi
5. Caroline Cutout Yellow; 10.17.10; 5:35 PM; Rexburg, Idaho; f 5.0; 1/60; Canon Rebel XSi

These images were both taken earlier this semester, but I thought they would be fun to do as cut outs. I used the refine edges after I used the quick selection tool and made a couple different selections to make sure the images were precise and included the hair. It was the small things that changed the image to make it look like it could have the different background. I changed the background on both cutouts and gave it a gradient. I was hoping to put both images into a different location, but didn't have any images that I liked to put them in.

Night and Light

1. Lightened Tree; 11.10.10; 9:16 PM; Rexburg, Idaho; f 4.0; 8.0; Canon Rebel XSi
2. Drive By; 11.10.10; 9:13 PM; Rexburg, Idaho; f 5.0; 8.0; Canon Rebel XSi
3. Dwindling Flame; 11.09.10; 8:20 PM; Rexburg, Idaho; f 5.6; .8; Canon Rebel XSi
4. Highlighted; 11.09.10; 8:37 PM; Rexburg, Idaho; f 3.5; 6.0; Canon Rebel XSi
5. Loopy; 11.09.10; 8:39 PM; Rexburg, Idaho; f 3.5; 6.0; Canon Rebel XSi
6. Colors in Light; 11.10.10; 8:29 PM; Rexburg, Idaho; f 5.6; 1.0; Canon Rebel XSi
7. Beginning; 11.09.10; 8:07 PM; Rexburg, Idaho; f 5.6; .8; Canon Rebel XSi

I took these pictures to fulfill a night and light project. We were to do a couple different techniques using the camera and different shutter speeds. The first image has light shining on the snow from the cars that were turning by the tree. I liked the look of it. The second image is the same place but you can see the car lights driving through the image. It looks cool, but I like the look of the first image better. I slightly lightened both of the images using levels. I really liked the colors and the texture of the dwindling flame picture. This image is straight from the camera with no additional edits. I like the burning color in the head of the match and the light of the flame. Highlighted was taken in my bathroom. It is the shower curtain lit up by the light of my cell phone. I thought it looked kinda neat how I just highlighted one are. Loopy was taken in the same area. I moved the light of my cell phone around to capture the movement. I liked the light and the colors from the phone so I used it again for the next image. I place my phone on the ground and moved my camera around. The same technique was used with the last image as well. I move the camera as I was lighting matches. The shutter speed was pretty quick but still able to capture the moment right before the flame was fully lighted.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Memory of Grandpa

Memory of Grandpa; 24x36; 9.17.2010; 6:12 PM; Hiese, Idaho; Canon Rebel XSi; Aperature Priority; f 5.6; 1/200 sec; Gradient Map, Text, Underpainting, drybrush, and palette knife filters, Multiply and screen copies, levels, curves.

I choose this image because it evokes the most emotion in me. When I think of idaho, I think of my great grandparents and making summer visits to them. I miss them. Whenever I think of Grandpa, I think of him sitting in his rocking chair in the corner of their living room reading the newspaper, working in the garden, or off fishing. This picture of the fisherman reminded me of him and brought back many memories. The quote that I choose to go with it also is something that is inspiring to me. It helps me remember that I need to help bring others to Christ and to teach them and guide them so that they can do the same. I edited the picture to make it look like a painting. I first did all the edits that I wanted to it to make it look nice and then I applied a couple of different filters to it and took screen shots of the image. I used the history brush to paint back the textures and edits from each of the filters. I applied a gradient map to give it a look that wasn't so green. I like the way it turned out and the memories that it brings into my mind as I look at it. It will be something that I will be happy to hang in my home that will remind me of what Idaho means to me.